Evianté is a brand that prides ourselves on two things: luxury and diversity. We are a brand that believes all people should live up to their highest potential, and treat themselves or the people close to them for every accomplishment, every special moment, or even when you just feel like it.

Our jewelry isn't just jewelry.

Our jewelry represents value, luxury & prestige. With only the BEST quality from our designers and team in Paris, we provide stunning pieces that can enhance every outfit, whether its a casual dress day, or you're out at a celebration. Our jewelry is for the person that needs to be reminded how special and important they are, whether its for yourself, or somebody you love...

We Shine to Remind

Sometimes we all need to be reminded that we are unique, valuable, and extraordinary. No matter what gender, what color, what race, or what you believe in... our jewelry was created with the intention of uplifting the spirit and bringing more light around people, and we ALL deserve that. We all deserve to feel like we are worth it. We take pride in bringing people together and lighting up the world with our own special shine. Stand our from the rest. Make a statement. Let the world know you believe in yourself.

Shine bright.